Published June 2019
Sound, Stage and Lighting Hire

We do technical for events and want you to be our client.

Can we try convince you?

Let us get the obvious things out the way: we are well priced, have a brilliant response time, operate nationally, we have an excellent track record with quality equipment.

You will see when dealing with us, we love what we do, and are always ready to talk about your needs, budget and event. Can we start the conversation?

As anyone who has ever planned an event, whether it be an intimate birthday gathering or a gigantic year-end function, knows that technical services are often the most important and most expensive aspect of the whole production, perhaps as important as catering!

That’s why we have newsletters and would like to share more about our services and why we want you to be our client by highlighting why we think we stand out.

We are a new trend business and part of SA Online, and our focus is client care and quality. We operate via the web, and following international trends. We work closely with our suppliers to secure prices that fit with client’s budget which in South Africa at the moment have taken a knock. Often, we create full solutions once a client presents their budget. We would prefer never to turn a client away because of money. We negotiate to make a deal happen.

Unlike many other businesses, we operate on a national basis and can assist with events in almost any location. Due to our network of suppliers, we can arrange a birthday in Cape Town, a year-end function in Johannesburg and a wedding in Durban without a hiccup, all at the same time.

High Quality Equipment you can expect. We don’t provide the equivalent to your best friend’s Bluetooth speaker and disco light he found on a deal of the day website. Our equipment comes from high quality suppliers who work with top brands to ensure only the best sound, lighting and staging for your event. No embarrassing feedback during your speech!

Fast Response Time. Lastly, we are very proud of this fact, we offer a same day reply. Anyone who works with technical companies know communication can be frustrating. We simplify and speed up the process. We even use WhatsApp!

Please think of us for your next event.

requests@soundstageandlightinghire.co.za | www.soundstageandlightinghire.co.za


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