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Our sound, stage and lighting service offer our clients access to equipment vital to the success of an event. However, our services do more than offer equipment. We carefully consider your needs and recommend options that we, as professionals, determine will best suit your event. Additionally, we have excellent pricing structures and rapid response times, and we’re affiliated with industry bests. Our services outrank any other.

As such, as part of our services, we offer large format stages for those really big events. The type of events that would require large format stages are celebrity concerts or high profile performances in which large crowds would need to see the stage from wherever the crowd barrier is. The stage would also need to handle the equipment, performers and activities which are to take place on the stage. These large format stages often come with light and sound packages as well, to ensure quality audio and visual effects.

For assistance with large format staging, please consult our agency with an enquiry.

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