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Sound integrations are vital to the successful planning and execution of any and all events. Whether to disperse, through it, a live on-stage show, address an audience, make announcements or play music from DJ systems, sound equipment is required in one way or another.

With that said, our sound, stage and lighting company is a service provider and offer our clients access to equipment in which to facilitate their events. Subwoofers being just one of the equipment options available through our services. Subwoofers are used to assist in the reproduction of low frequency bass sounds. Different subwoofers for different uses have varying frequencies. For example, the subwoofers used on the consumer market are different to that of subwoofers used on stage or for professional live sound purposes.

We can recommend subwoofers perfectly suited to your event as well as supply them. For further information about event subwoofers, please consult our agency with an enquiry.

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